K8 WebTrade

Introducing K8 WebTrade

K8 WebTrade, an easy to use yet powerful web solution that is designed to allow your trade customers to both order products on-line settle their account, is a core component of K8. The homepage of your K8 WebTrade site is customisable to feature any text you require. This ensures that your trade portal is unique to your business and allows you to enhance customer service through customer communication on a large scale.

Allowing your customers to place orders through your K8 WebTrade site couldn’t be easier. They have the ability to search for required parts or to drill down through the category structure to find the right products. Customers can add as many products as they wish to an order before clicking ‘ Checkout’ to finalise. Once the order is complete, users can access the order via the ‘My Orders’ tab if they wish to repeat the order at a later date.

Customers can make a payment on their account using the secure payment gateway. Once the payment has been successfully concluded, details are imported into the K8 system. Your customer will also have visibility of their Credit Limit, Available Credit and Total Balance.

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