K8 Amazon Connector

Introducing K8 Amazon Connector

The K8 Amazon Connector has been designed to enable sales orders that have been placed by customers on the Amazon website to be seamlessly integrated into your K8 system. Whether this is shipped from an Amazon Distribution Centre, or an order that your business will fulfil directly from your local stock, you can now automate much of this process within your K8 system.

The key benefit offered by the K8 Amazon Connector is how it can help you strengthen your trading partner relations, in addition to enabling you to create a new channel to market. This is an easily deployable tool that enables you to automate the collection of orders placed on Amazon and to quickly and efficiently import them into K8 for processing and invoicing.

The K8 Amazon Connector can be set to run on a scheduled basis and to collect XML format files from Amazon.

K8 Amazon Connector Sampler


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