Grant & Stone delivers on its digital strategy with K8

Solutions for a digital age

Independent merchant Grant & Stone has always considered itself to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. There was no better time to go digital than in 2020, a year in which businesses faced both challenges and opportunities. Those with an online presence fared better than most.

Businesses that have adopted digital technologies of working have fared well over recent months, giving their customers safer, alternative ways of carrying out transactions while also protecting colleagues.

Major independent merchant Grant & Stone is one such business. Since implementing Kerridge Commercial Systems’ (KCS) innovative ERP software several years ago, the company has embraced technological change and reaped the benefits of doing so. Grant & Stone has expanded both in terms of its physical branch locations and its digital offering - and K8 has been integral to this growth.

"KCS are always driving us forward with the latest versions of K8. We’re already on the path towards a digital future by using all of the main features that KCS has to offer - and we’re in the process of launching any that we don’t already have."

Darren House, Managing Director for Electrical, Grant & Stone

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