Trading in new ways

Now is the ideal time to put an ecommerce solution in place that will allow you to trade online. After all, the internet has become the go-to place for buying goods, and provided an opportunity to help you continue operating safely and productively. 

We offer a number of easy-to-deploy ecommerce solutions:

  • K8 WebShop - sell directly to consumers 
  • K8 WebTrade - trade customers can buy online and settle their accounts
  • K8 WebPro - sell to trade and consumers
  • Amazon/eBay Connector - get trading on two of the world’s biggest marketplaces!

Let us help you to trade in these new ways.



Boosting productivity together 

Businesses need to adopt new ways of working that minimise human contact, while still providing great customer service. Cloud solutions can give your team access to collaborative business intelligence and sales order tools that will help them stay productive, regardless of their physical location. 

Our cloud-based tools include:

  • Sales Rep Portal - a web-based portal for capturing customer orders 
  • Vecta - business intelligence, CRM and sales analytics

Let us help you boost your productivity.

Going digital, staying safe

In situations when you still need to maintain face-to-face contact with your customers, making the shift to the digital age can help keep everyone safe. There are apps and solutions that integrate with your ERP system, keeping contact and paperwork to a minimum. 

Our digital solutions to keep your business safe and productive include:

  • eReceipts - rapid and accurate goods receipt  
  • ePick - process pick tasks and be guided to bin locations 
  • Paymentsense -  safe and secure card payment processing 
  • ePOD - electronic point of delivery solution 

Let us help you adapt to safer ways of working.



Building a greener future

New technologies can help you in the here and now, but they should also allow you to take steps towards a greener future. Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand - reducing transport costs, energy consumption and waste benefit both the environment and your bottom line. 

By joining forces, we're can help your business thrive now and for years to come. 

Let us help you build a greener future.